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CSA: Week 12

One of the cool things about being part of a coop rather than a straight CSA is that the members staff the depot on pickup day. Everyone is asked to do 2 hours of volunteer work a season, whether that is staffing the depot, writing for the newsletter, or other volunteer jobs that come up. Nicole worked her second shift at the depot today, and Carl came over to help clean up and take down the ez-ups.

A bonus for those volunteers who stay until the end is that often, there is some leftovers, from people who did not take items, people who didn’t pick up their shares, or the food bank, who take many of the leftover veggies, but not all.

Today’s Share, Pre-extras

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CSA: Week Ten

Here is week 10, and a peek into the depot. Unlike many CSA’s I’ve gone to pick up with friends, the depot is incredibly well organized, and allows you to pick your own produce. This is great for me, picking up for a two person family, because I can grab a smaller watermelon, or the smaller beets in a box because I happen to have a good recipe, rather than being relegated to whatever comes in my box.


The small veggie share is in its own tent, making confusion over small and large much easier to contain.


Delicious raspberries, ready for the nomming!

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CSA: Week 9

Yes, you read that right. 9. So we kinda ran away and got married last week, so no week 8. We swapped with another member, and picked up their share while they we on vacation. We’ll post some reviews and photos from the honeymoon in the next few weeks, but in the meantime, veggies!


Nectarines, peaches, and a cantaloupe for the fruit. Chard, corn, beets, two kinds of tomatoes, pickling cucumbers, and parsley for the veggies. The cheese is a fiddlehead tomme.


CSA: Week 7

Today, we were picking up not only our share, but someone else’s as well. The Coop Facebook page has a really neat feature where people can post when they need vacation swaps. So we picked up ours and a woman who was on vacation’s, and she will pick up hers and ours another week, when we are away. So we have twice as much of each thing, which is good, because this was a pretty small week. A lot of farmers are struggling with the weather pretty badly.


Fruit was blueberries and peaches. We already froze one of the boxes of blueberries for later consumption. Veggies were carrots, pickling cucumbers, garlic, eggplant, and peppers. The veggie share also included fresh basil this week. We also got a dozen farm fresh eggs from the coop this week, which Nicole forgot to put in the picture.

Nicole plans to figure out refrigerator pickles this weekend, while Carl watches her and laughs, because he’s done all kinds of pickling and canning, but she is stubborn, and wants to learn on her own.


Roasting all the things

Tomorrow we are picking up a double share, and the woman we are swapping with will pick up our share when we go on vacation. Of course, this means twice the veggies, and we are still struggling to use up everything from the last few weeks.

Tonight was roasting night. We roasted the eggplant and the beets. Eggplant will have an adventure in the food pro tomorrow to become a dip, and the beets will be sliced up to go in salads for lunches.


Breakfast for Dinner


Italian sausage, fried eggs, callalloo fried with bacon, zucchini.

CSA Week 6



Raw Milk Cheddar and Savory Pepper Cheddar from Neighborly Farms, peaches and blueberries for the fruit, green beans, beets, red onions, an eggplant, callaloo greens, and lettuce for the veggie share.


CSA: Week 5


No cheese this week, which was a bummer. Currants and blueberries for the fruit. Veggies were corn, onions, pointy headed cabbage, snap peas, zucchini, and beets. My head is already full of fantastic ideas for what to do with them. Haven’t decided about the currants, though.

CSA Round-Up: Weeks 1-3

The farmshare is getting progressively bigger, and we are trying to be good about documenting what we do with the loot so that we can keep track of what worked, what was delicious, and what does not bear repeating. Also Carl has a big bug about wasted food…. so we’re tracking ideas to prevent food from going to waste.

Here is what we’ve done so far:

Week 1


Strawberry Rhubarb Tarts used up all of the strawberries and rhubarb

Short Ribs and Greens used all the broccoli and the turnip greens.  The salad with that meal used up about half of the turnips, half the radishes, and all of the lettuce.

The rest of the radishes got thrown into salads for lunches, and the turnips got thrown into chicken soup.


Week 2

Week 2

Nicole did a chicken stir-fry with the bok choi, fennel, and some of the garlic scapes.

We froze the strawberries this week, some chopped up, some whole with no greens on top. Carl has been making vodka drinks with muddled frozen strawberries and Buddha’s Hand infused vodka (NOM!)

The beets went into the coleslaw

The garlic scapes and tomatoes went into salads for lunches.

We put the feta and the last of the tomatoes onto this salad.

The chevre has been featured in omelets and salads so far. (Carl thinks it goes great on a spoon.)

Week 3

Week 3The strawberries are taking a bath in some vodka, stay tuned in a month or so to find out how it turned out.

The cherries got snacked on. Carl denies eating most of a box as a midnight snack. (Nicole maintains that they were there when she went to bed, and gone the next morning.)

We’ve been using the pea tendrils in everything: salads, omelets, etc

The napa cabbage and kohlrabi went into a cole slaw.

The lettuce was salads for lunch and dinner.

The kale went camping with us and became sausage and kale soup.

The collards got sauteed up as a side with dinner in bacon grease, with a little rice wine vinegar


CSA: Week 4

There was no pickup for Thursday members last week, but Tuesday members got a share, so this week’s Thursday share was extra big, as will be a few others to make up the difference.


Week 4

Blueberries and Raspberries for the fruit, I chose red over black, because that’s the way I roll. Burrata for the cheese share.

That tomato would like you to know that it is really the english shelling peas that I was supposed to get the week before last. The farm delivered 1/6 as many as promised, and apparently had a huge rot problem, so those of us who didn’t get peas, got tomatoes this week.

Onions, carrots, cucumbers, snap peas, summer squash, and a head of lettuce round out the share. I see a lot of salads in our future this week.

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