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Paleo Fried Food

There are some people who would be offended by the title. After all, one of the big concepts of paleo is to avoid the cooking methods and materials that make southern fried dinners possible.  And corn does not fit into the paleo diet. However, farm fresh corn from the CSA should not go to waste. So we were flexible, as we often are about our diet, and Nicole wanted fried chicken. 

There is no picture of the corn, because this was made on the hottest day of the heat wave, and the second it was done, we retreated into the air conditioned bedroom with the tray of fried things and a plate of corn, butter, and salt. This is also the reason there is no fancy plated dish photo.

photo 1

On the left is fried zucchini from the farmshare, and fried green beans. On the right is fried chicken. Everything was egg-washed, covered in spiced coconut flour, and fried in coconut oil. Nom, nom, nom.



What do you do when your fiance brings you chickens?





Happy Independence Day! No CSA this week, and we’re out of town, so I thought I would share a “recipe” from a few weeks ago that I failed to post.




So C’s company grills at work. A lot. They host vendors, and grill for them. So one of his coworkers brought in two whole chickens for the grill, which never got used.

So C walked in the door with two chickens for me. I had the next day off, so I decided to process both.

Chicken number 1 got rubbed down in butter, lightly seasoned, and thrown in the oven for dinner.

Chicken number 2 got thrown in “the precious.” with water, celery and some other roots we had lying around. Sometimes I think Carl loves his cast-iron dutch oven as much as he loves me.

I simmered the chicken for a few hour. When chicken 1 was done, I sliced all the bits we would use, and threw the rest into the proto-soup.

I took the soup off the heat, strained out all the broth, and stuck it and all the chicken bits into the fridge to cool.

The next day, I pulled all the meat out of the pile of chicken bits, tossed the bones, and put the broth back on to simmer. I added the leftover turnips from week 1, some carrots, and some celery. When Carl came home, he made proscuittons to go on top.


Yummy chicken soup complete with proscuittons.



Carl demonstrates the proper way to eat a prosciutton.


Chicken Stir Fry

Week Two was rough because it was so hot I did not want to cook at all. We had friends over on Sunday and ended up ordering enough Blue Ribbon Barbecue to feed a small army, and are still munching the leftovers.

However, I had all these pretty CSA veggies to cook. So on Tuesday, with temperatures around 93 degrees, I got out my frying pan and got to work.



A couple pounds of chicken. I was feeding three, and not supplementing with starch, so I used 3 1/2-4 lbs

Bok Choy


Garlic Scapes

Gluten Free Soy sauce

Sesame oil

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