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Saturday “Morning” breakfast


Refried beet and beef hash, poached eggs, and a quick lemon butter pepper sauce. Happy Saturday!


Breakfast Porn

We spent the last week and a half using pea tendrils in everything. They are delicious, both raw and cooked, but by the end of the second bag we were getting pretty creative.

Enter this quick but delicious breakfast:

photo 1

Sweet Italian sausage patties from BJs, pea tendrils, and sunny-side-up farmer’s market eggs

(Carl says: “That that is smoked salt on top of the eggs, not funky diseased eggs”)

Nom Nom Omelets

His and Hers Omelets:

photo 2


Carl’s Omelet:

4 Farmer’s Market Eggs

Chipotle Chevre


Pea Tendrils


Bacon, because bacon makes everything better.

photo 4

Nicole’s Omelete

3 farmer’s market eggs

CSA cheddar cheese


pea tendrils


bacon, because bacon makes everything better.

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