Superfluous Yet Delicious

We Cook. We Eat. We laugh a lot.



Carl belongs to the Church of Alton. He is trying to convert Nicole over from the Church of Red Sox. We’ll see how that goes.


Our farmshare recommended this book on their blog, so Nicole picked it up. So far, it has told us that we can eat radish greens as salad.



These have gotten less use on our proto-paleo diet, but we clearly have a pretty big love on for Suvir Saran.


Oldy but goody. There is a fabulous recipe for mushroom bisque in here that requires 97 lbs of butter and Nicole managed to break the blender the last time she made it. Cast-iron pots and blenders should not be friends.


A Christmas present from Nicole’s mother. Really good as a basic reference, especially if you want to understand the basic mechanics of cooking.


Another Oldy-but-Goody. I can’t find my Joy of Cooking, which is a little irritating, as I like it better than BHG.


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