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Can All the Things!

A few weekends ago, Nicole and her sister hosted a canning workshop. Our friend Stacey came up from New Jersey and helped us can all the things. And we do mean all. The final total was something like 108 jars of varying sizes. We did both water bath and pressure canning, as well as prepping typical canned goods, like jams, pickles, and salsa.



We started around noon, and very quickly had pots boiling for jars, lids, and the varying things we planned to can.


Theresa and Christine work hard at pickles.





One of the things that I really wanted to learn was pressure canning. With the size of our kitchen and freezer, having broth and soups canned instead of taking up space was incredibly appealing. Carl made a whole bunch of chicken and beef stock, and we reheated it before pouring it into jars. We “borrowed” my brother-in-law’s brewing burner, and did the pressure cooking outside.


Baby Abigail spent much of the day “supervising”


Slowly but surely, the dining room table filled with jars.


Disaster! There was an issue with the pressure canner, and we lost a few jars. Of the 16 we canned, 4 did not make it. The broth that was still in the non-sealed jars became and fantastic butternut squash soup the next week.


I dressed appropriately for what we were doing. After all, cooking is science for hungry people.


Jars, Jars, and more jars.



Our friend Lisa had a peach tree explode. I’m guessing she brought a good 70 lbs of peaches. We made peach everything, and people still took boxes and boxes of peaches home.



Final tally, minus the 9 or so jars we had already sent home with people.


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