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CSA: Week Ten

Here is week 10, and a peek into the depot. Unlike many CSA’s I’ve gone to pick up with friends, the depot is incredibly well organized, and allows you to pick your own produce. This is great for me, picking up for a two person family, because I can grab a smaller watermelon, or the smaller beets in a box because I happen to have a good recipe, rather than being relegated to whatever comes in my box.


The small veggie share is in its own tent, making confusion over small and large much easier to contain.


Delicious raspberries, ready for the nomming!

Alright, on to the share!


Peaches and raspberries for the fruit. The peaches have gotten larger and firmer, which is awesome.  Leeks, which in our world are always paired with bacon, fennel, potatoes, grape tomatoes, green beans, carrots, and Chinese eggplant round out the veggies. It was a good sized week! Cheese was smoked and not smoked mozzarella. The smoked smelled delicious when I opened the cooler. I can’t wait to eat it.


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2 thoughts on “CSA: Week Ten

  1. That’s a great share!

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Sandra on said:

    looks yummy!

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