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One Butt Kitchen Knows No Seasonal Boundaries

We jokingly refer to our house as the “One Butt Kitchen” We are not joking. You could theoretically fit two people in there, but not if you want to open the fridge or stove, or actually do anything. Our kitchen is the size of most people’s bathrooms.

Some people are very particular about what gets eaten when. Turkey is for fall and more specifically Thanksgiving, lamb is a spring food, etc. We are not prejudiced. Food is nommy. Nommy food is nommy all the time.


So when Nicole came home with a pointy headed cabbage from the CSA a few weeks ago, we knew what we had to do. Carl reached into the back of the freezer, way back, behind Narnia, and pulled out one of our corned beef stash. Yes, we buy up a whole bunch in March, don’t you?

We used our CrockPot/Pressure Cooker Combo to pressure cook the corned beef, then steamed the cabbage in its juices.

The result was a delicious piece of early spring on a hot summer day, and hit the spot.



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One thought on “One Butt Kitchen Knows No Seasonal Boundaries

  1. Nicole’s photos makes this meal look like art. It’s worth noting that this differs from “New England Boiled Dinner” in that it has no dumplings and no potatoes. the Paleo/Primal diet does not allow for those. I also don’t generally like carrots stewed for an eternity so we skip them as well. The real secret is that we don’t stew the cabbage all day. A short braise in the broth from the pressure cooked corned beef is all it takes. Everything comes out flavorful and delicious.

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