Superfluous Yet Delicious

We Cook. We Eat. We laugh a lot.

Nicole Indulges Herself

Very often, when Carl is going to be gone for an evening, I am super lazy, and fry up a hamburger, or fire up Foodler. It is hard to get inspired when you are cooking for one. However, we have tons of veggies that need eating, including some that are not Carl’s favorite. No, really, I dare you: Say the word eggplant around him, and see what happens. On my way to the depot, I realized that since Carl wouldn’t be home, I could eat fish! Carl is perfectly happy to humor me by eating fish, but he is not a big fan.

After picking up the CSA, I wandered over to Turner’s to see what they had for fresh fish. This restaurant is down the street from us, and has a fantastic fish market. I picked up some Hake which was caught in Gloucester (I love knowing where my food comes from), and headed home.

I threw the hake in a foil packet with butter, lemon, garlic, and fresh basil from the CSA, and put it in the oven on 400.

I then chopped up one of the beets I roasted last night, and laid it out all fancy-like, cold, on the plate.

I thinly sliced one of the new eggplants, sprayed both sides with coconut oil spray from Trader Joe’s, and applied my current favorite seasoning:


The hake took about 30 minutes, and when it was done, I flipped the oven to broil and threw in the eggplant while the fish rested. The eggplant took about 4 minutes per side.

The fish was delicious, although the basil was very quiet, and in hindsight, I should have added more. The beets were wonderful with a bit of hickory smoked salt on them, and the eggplant was crunchy and delicious.



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