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CSA: Week 7

Today, we were picking up not only our share, but someone else’s as well. The Coop Facebook page has a really neat feature where people can post when they need vacation swaps. So we picked up ours and a woman who was on vacation’s, and she will pick up hers and ours another week, when we are away. So we have twice as much of each thing, which is good, because this was a pretty small week. A lot of farmers are struggling with the weather pretty badly.


Fruit was blueberries and peaches. We already froze one of the boxes of blueberries for later consumption. Veggies were carrots, pickling cucumbers, garlic, eggplant, and peppers. The veggie share also included fresh basil this week. We also got a dozen farm fresh eggs from the coop this week, which Nicole forgot to put in the picture.

Nicole plans to figure out refrigerator pickles this weekend, while Carl watches her and laughs, because he’s done all kinds of pickling and canning, but she is stubborn, and wants to learn on her own.



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