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Paleo Fried Food

There are some people who would be offended by the title. After all, one of the big concepts of paleo is to avoid the cooking methods and materials that make southern fried dinners possible.  And corn does not fit into the paleo diet. However, farm fresh corn from the CSA should not go to waste. So we were flexible, as we often are about our diet, and Nicole wanted fried chicken. 

There is no picture of the corn, because this was made on the hottest day of the heat wave, and the second it was done, we retreated into the air conditioned bedroom with the tray of fried things and a plate of corn, butter, and salt. This is also the reason there is no fancy plated dish photo.

photo 1

On the left is fried zucchini from the farmshare, and fried green beans. On the right is fried chicken. Everything was egg-washed, covered in spiced coconut flour, and fried in coconut oil. Nom, nom, nom.



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2 thoughts on “Paleo Fried Food

  1. sandra on said:

    Curious as to the reason for coconut oil vs another? Avoiding one or more of the common ones for paleo reasons? Not as familiar with the restrictions as I could be.

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