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Poll Time

I know this will probably be a contentious subject, but I am curious. For those of you without grills, what is the optimal way to cook corn for corn on the cob? I am planning a southern fried chicken dinner with corn and mulling my cooking options.


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16 thoughts on “Poll Time

  1. If you ask my wife, you bring a gas stove to the cornfield, boil the water, pick the corn and drop it in.

    I will ask her for how long.

  2. sandra on said:

    Thinking boil would be better because of the heat.

  3. I’ve never done anything but boil corn, and see no reason to do so.

  4. I tend to remove the silk but leave the husk on. Sometimes I boil, sometimes I soak in water and hen grill or bake.

  5. Ginger Fitzsimmons on said:

    Microwave in the husk. The husk and silk come right off and the kitchen stays cooler and cleaner. Barring that, I’ve always boiled.

  6. Steaming is just as good as boiling and requires you boil a lot less water. Just put a half inch of water in the bottom of a tightly covered pot, get it to a rolling boil and add the corn. Keep the heat on high and cook (with or without the steamer basket) for 2 to 3 minutes or until it’s done enough.

  7. Ellen Petersen on said:

    bring water to a boil, drop in corn, shut the water OFF, and let steam for maybe one minute at most! For fresh corn, it is the best and doesn’t overcook.

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