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CSA Round-Up: Weeks 1-3

The farmshare is getting progressively bigger, and we are trying to be good about documenting what we do with the loot so that we can keep track of what worked, what was delicious, and what does not bear repeating. Also Carl has a big bug about wasted food…. so we’re tracking ideas to prevent food from going to waste.

Here is what we’ve done so far:

Week 1


Strawberry Rhubarb Tarts used up all of the strawberries and rhubarb

Short Ribs and Greens used all the broccoli and the turnip greens.  The salad with that meal used up about half of the turnips, half the radishes, and all of the lettuce.

The rest of the radishes got thrown into salads for lunches, and the turnips got thrown into chicken soup.


Week 2

Week 2

Nicole did a chicken stir-fry with the bok choi, fennel, and some of the garlic scapes.

We froze the strawberries this week, some chopped up, some whole with no greens on top. Carl has been making vodka drinks with muddled frozen strawberries and Buddha’s Hand infused vodka (NOM!)

The beets went into the coleslaw

The garlic scapes and tomatoes went into salads for lunches.

We put the feta and the last of the tomatoes onto this salad.

The chevre has been featured in omelets and salads so far. (Carl thinks it goes great on a spoon.)

Week 3

Week 3The strawberries are taking a bath in some vodka, stay tuned in a month or so to find out how it turned out.

The cherries got snacked on. Carl denies eating most of a box as a midnight snack. (Nicole maintains that they were there when she went to bed, and gone the next morning.)

We’ve been using the pea tendrils in everything: salads, omelets, etc

The napa cabbage and kohlrabi went into a cole slaw.

The lettuce was salads for lunch and dinner.

The kale went camping with us and became sausage and kale soup.

The collards got sauteed up as a side with dinner in bacon grease, with a little rice wine vinegar



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