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CSA Week 1

Our first CSA pickup was on Thursday, and it was raining. So I grabbed my little Trader Joe’s Market Cart, pulled on my FiveFingers, and set out.

Side Note- Everytime I wear my fivefingers, I become an ambassador for the brand. Everyone wants to know how comfortable they are, if I can actually run in them, etc. So yes, they are comfortable. Yes, you can run in them. On to the share:


Strawberries, rhubarb, harukei turnips, radishes, Boston lettuce, and broccoli.

The folks at had warned us that the first few weeks would be lighter, and I was happy about that, as it gave us a chance to ease into this farmshare thing. Our cheese share will start next week as well.

After I got the share, I stopped at the farmer’s market on my way back for some eggs and meat. I got a pound and a half of beef short ribs, and started plotting dinner.

The beef went in the pressure cooker with beef broth, onions, and some salt and pepper.

I chopped up half of the turnips and half of the radishes along with the radish greens for a salid, which I topped with Carl’s new invention: prosciuttons. Take a cast iron skillet on low heat, put slices of prosciutto on the dry skillet, ignore until crispy.

I sautéed the turnip greens with bacon and topped with vinegar, and steamed up the broccoli  I was so focused on getting everything on the table and dressed correctly that I failed completely in doing anything to the broccoli. Nothing that couldn’t be fixed with a little salt, pepper, and olive oil, though.

Dinner turned out delicious, and I still have the rest of the turnips and radishes, and the fruit, to come up with new and exciting plans for.





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